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Two year old saved from well

Year 1819

Read by Eve Spencer – Supporter, Royal Humane Society

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May 23, 1819

Case of John Jones, saved by Mr. Robert Barrett.

Mr Robert Barrett, of Bolingbroke-row, Camberwell, one of the Society’s Medical Assistants, was called about 8 o’clock on Sunday evening, the 23d of May, 1819, to John Jones, aged 2 years, the son of Mr. Jones, No. 2, East- street, Kent-road.

The child had got into a basket placed over a well, when the bottom of the basket giving way, he fell into the well. The water was at that time 10 feet deep, and the head, arms, and greatest part of the child’s body were under it, the rest being suspended by the bottom of the basket and the clothes. In this situation the child was found about seven or eight minutes after the accident.

When taken out of the water there were no signs of animation. Circulation and Respiration had ceased, and the face was livid. The child was immersed in a warm bath, and retained in it until the temperature of the body was considerably raised : it was then carefully dried, and put into a warm blanket.

Friction of the surface was next assiduous employed, and the Lungs were inflated. By perseverance in these methods, together with the occasional administration of a little brandy and water which was given as soon as the child could swallow, was ultimately recovered.

“I had thus,” says Mr Barrett, “the heartfelt satisfaction of seeing my little patient restored to his parents, to their inexpressible surprise and happiness, he being their only child.” He adds, “with great respect submit this case for your consideration having long laboured in your vineyard in the cause humanity.”

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