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Son of Thread Manufacturer saved thanks to focus on perseverance and warmth

Year 1782, Mr. W. Mason

Read by Michael McCaldin

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July 21, 1782

Copy of a Letter from Mr. W. Mason, to Dr. Hawes, No. 6 Great Eastcheap, Birmingham


Yesterday I received your obliging epistle, and am happy to communicate the following case, viz.

Mr. Undrell, thread manufacturer, sent for me about two o’clock in the afternoon of June 24, to Edward Allday, a young man sixteen years of age (a poor person’s son) who was taken up apparently drowned, no respiration or symptoms of life perceptible ; he had been under water about 20 minutes ; I directed the crowd about the body to take it into a public house, at a short distance; when there, I ordered a large tub with warm water, in which the body was put, and employed some people who were present to rub the extremities with salt, spirit &c. to get circulation; in about an hour and a quarter had some hopes of succeeding, there being some little warmth about the chest ; he was rubbed dry with blankets, being first warmed ; before he had remained long there, the warmth became extinct; i was obliged to apply the use of friction again; in the space of about two hours, I found a more regular warmth, with a small unequal pulse ; I then ordered the body between the blankets again ; in a short time convulsive spasms came on ; soon after the pulse got up strong enough to indicate bleeding, when I accordingly took away about six ounces ; he seemed much much agitated in his mind when he came to himself. The same evening about eleven o’clock, he had a glyster, which gave him two stools ; he complained of much drought ; I ordered him to drink plentifully of some small wine whey ; he made more than a chamber pot full and a half of water in the course of the night. Tuesday 28, had great difficulty of respiration, ordered him a little emetic mixture, with oxymel fullit ; he threw up a quantity of bile, and was considerably relieved ; the same evening found him hot, with great thirst ordered him a saline julep, with manna, magnet. alb. tinct. fenna. Wednesday 26th he was better ; on the 27th difficult respiration returned, complained of great pain in his side ; ordered a large blister, with a fever julep, with the oxymel fcillet ; at night the respiration was somewhat relieved ; Friday 28th much the same ; Sunday 30th difficult respiration removed, fever subsided, water threw down ; a copious sediment ; Monday 1st of July, ordered him an insus.cart. Peru . fp. mindereri, oxymel fcillet, &c. on Thursday 4th, was able to come down stairs, and he is now in perfect health.

I am, Sir
Your obedient, humble servant,

W. Mason
Excuse incorrectness, being in haste.

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