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Mr Dutton’s Success

Year 1803, James Dutton and C. Taylor

Read by Simon Ovens – Life Governor, Royal Humane Society

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August 29, 1803


As John Eaton was bathing in the sea, the tide being very strong, conveyed him out of his depth. — His companions, in about twenty minutes, obtained the body and conveyed it to the shore.

Its appearance was exactly like a dead corpse. — I employed the resuscitative methods of the R.H.S. for nearly half an hour, and had the heart-felt satisfaction to observe the lips, etc. change ; which was soon followed by thoracic spasms of the chest . — He opened his eyes, looked around him with astonishment, and complained of laborious breathing, and great oppression about the praecordia. — By medical attention, these alarming symptoms gradually subsided, and life and health were perfectly restored.



Mr. Taylor observes ;

Being at Hastings for the benefit of bathing, I had the happiness of seeing animation restored to the body of a youth, who was taken out of the sea, and given up by the spectators as dead. — Mr. Dutton enjoyed the inexpressible felicity of beholding the returning dawn of life, and by his judicious perseverance and care his health in a few days returned

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