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Miners saved after roof fall

Year 1917

Read by Alan Power – Supporter, Royal Humane Society

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Cross, Henry, Miner, Long Lane Collieries, Ashton-in- Makerfield.
Mather, Levi, Miner.
Ashall, James,Miner.
Yeates, George F, Miner.
Taylor, John T, Miner.

At 8.30 a.m. on the 24th February, 1917, three men named John Webb, Benjamin Morris, and Thomas Jones, were engaged in repairing the main haulage in No.1 Pit, Long Lane Collieries, Ashton-in-Makerfield, when a fall of roof, estimated at forty tons took place, completely burying Morris and Jones and partially burying Webb.

A rescue party consisting of Cross, Mather, Ashall, Yeates, and Taylor, was at once formed and began the hazardous task of attempting to extricate the three men. After some forty minutes work Webb was liberated, and continuing their efforts they were successful in reaching and rescuing Morris after four hours work, but it was not until a further four hours had elapsed that the body of Jones was reached and brought out. These five men worked unceasingly for eight hours without food, and in constant danger of a further fall of roof, portions of which were continually falling while they were at work.

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