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Miner saved after roof collapse

Year 1922

Read by Ian Clarkson – Supporter, Royal Humane Society

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Walmsley, Richard, Under Manager, Littleton Collieries, Huntington, Stafford.

At 11 a.m. on the 18th November, 1922, a fall of roof took place in No 2 Pit, Littleton Collieries, Huntington, Stafford, the fall extending over a length of 20 yards, bringing down many tons of rock and debris, pinning down a miner named Ronald Leckie under the mass.

A rescue party was at once organized, directed by Richard Walmsley, under-manager, but their work was rendered exceedingly difficult and dangerous by the continually falling roof and sides.

It was found that Leckie, who was still alive, could be reached by crawling under the broken timbers, but it was impossible to reach him until a road had been dug down to him from the top of the fall.

While this was being done Walmsley several times crawled in to where the man was, and gave him refreshment, and did his best to keep the debris from smothering him.

Some thirty-five to forty men were actually engaged in the work of rescue, under the direction and constant leadership of Walmsley; and eventually after eleven hours heroic work the man was released and brought out alive.

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