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Four year old rescued from River Lea

Year 1793, Joseph Manning and Martha Manning, parents.

Read by Debbie Woollen-Kemp – Royal Humane Society

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September 15, 1793

Messrs Furnass and Worship Addressed to the Managers. Stratford, Bow, Sept. 15, 1793


We esteem ourselves extremely fortunate to have it in our power to communicate the restoration of Mr. Manning’s child. His life was restored at the time a numerous and genteel congregation were assembled to hear a sermon, preached by the Rev. J. B. Sanders, for the benefit of this institution.

William Manning, aged four years, last Sunday fell into the River Lea; after being submerged for twelve minutes, he was taken out in an apparent lifeless state; we could not perceive the smallest pulsation or breathing; his countenance was much swollen, and had a livid death-like appearance. The methods recommended by our excellent Society were employed; and in about a quarter of an hour our patient became convulsed. By a continuance of the resuscitative process for an hour longer the child’s life was perfectly restored.

W. Worship, J. Furnass, Medical Assistants.

“Who can describe the mother’s kindling joy!
If heaven restores her darling little boy!
If latent life, tho’ first with glimmerings low,
By gentle means, at length begins to glow?
She weeps with joy the gladdening sight to see, And blesses heaven and sweet humanity.”

Thanksgiving, read at Bow and Bromley Churches, Sept. 12, 1793.

The parents of W. Manning, offer up their most earnest prayers, and fervent gratitude to almighty god, for his great goodness, manifested to them in the restoration of their dear son; and, with the deepest humility, implore him to bless the ardent and zealous endeavours of Society, that had, under his providence, recalled to life numbers of his creatures, of which their restored child, last Sunday, affords the most striking and happy conviction to their congregations.

Joseph Manning and Martha Manning, parents.

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