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Five year old rescued from drowning by two young boys

Year 1795

Read by Mark Dickson – Trustee, Royal Humane Society

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Two x Articles taken from the Reading Mercury in 1795

Monday 24th August 1795

On Sunday a week ago a boy about 5 years of age, fell from a barge into the river Kennet, just below High-Bridge; after being in the water near ten minutes, two boys, the eldest about 11 years old, at the hazard of their own lives, jumped into the water, which was 7 feet deep, and with the assistance of two other boys on shore, and a stick, brought him safe to land; when taken out, animation was suspended ; but the means recommended by the Royal Humane Society being used, the child, in about an hour was restored.

We are happy to hear, that on the case being represented to Dr, Hawes, the Royal Humane Society generously ordered two guineas to be distributed among the four boys, who so nobly entered themselves in this cause.

Monday 12th October 1795

Last week, Dr. Hawes, Register in the name of the Right Hon. The Lord Mayor of London, Vice-President of the Royal Humane Society, presented Mr. Lamb, Surgeon, of this town; with the honorary medal of that society, as a reward in restoring the life of a child, where animation was suspended from drawing: — too much praise cannot be bestowed in the worthy Register of that humane institution, as well for his active zeal in promoting the interest of that society, as his readiness in rewarding all who give their assistance in acts of resuscitation

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