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Fifteen miners saved from explosion in a mine

Year 1905

Read by Sean O’Donovan – Supporter, Royal Humane Society

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Llewelyn, L.W., Miner, Cambrian Collieries, Clydach Vale.
Price, Trevor, Miner.
Davies, David, Miner.
Davies, Morgan, Miner.
Davies, Daniel, Miner.
Williams, W.M., Miner.
Jones, William, Miner.

On the evening of Friday, the 10th March, 1905, a disastrous explosion took place in the No.1 pit, Cambrian Collieries, Clydach Vale, the general conditions connected with the explosion being more than usually dangerous; for not only was there deadly after-damp and other poisonous gases present in great quantities, but the fire which raged also was such as to render the work of rescue most difficult, the fact of thirty persons being killed and fourteen being injured testify to this. Forty-five men were at work in the six-foot seam, which is 410 yards below the surface, and seventy men in the lower seam when the explosion occurred.

A rescue party consisting of the above mentioned men, descended the No.2 pit, and after reaching the bottom made their way to No.1 shaft, and after releasing the cage, a work of two and a half hours, the seventy men here at work were sent to the surface.

The rescue party then ascended, and, changing cages, descended to the six- foot landing, and eventually, after penetrating as far as possible into the workings, succeeded in saving fifteen of the men in the upper seam.

Great risk was incurred by all from the terrific heat, after-damp, and danger from falls of roof, etc.

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