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Doctor credits life saved to the use of Royal Humane Society methods

Year 1791, Mr Christopherson

Read by Michael Bernard – Trustee, Royal Humane Society

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February 25, 1791

Mr Christopherson
Maryport, Feb, 25, 1791

To Dr Hawes.

Master Harris, the son of Mr Harris, restored to life by Mr Christopherson, Surgeon.

I had this day the honour to receive from Dr Joshua Dixon, of Whitehaven, the Honorary Medal of the Humane Society. So distinguished a mark of approbation demand my utmost respect and gratitude. In the happy and fortunate restoration of Master Harris to his fond and almost distracted parents, I have great reason to boast, and to declare, that my success was owing to strictly pursuing those judicious methods of restoring the apparently dead, which you have with so much humanity and philanthropy circulated through the kingdom.

I beg the favour of you, Sir, to present my best respects, and most grateful acknowledgements to the President, Vice Presidents, and Governors, of your most valuable institutions, for the very high honour conferred; and believe me to be most respectfully.

Yours, A. Christopherson.

Dr. Dixon, on the presentation of the Medal to Mr. Christopherson, delivered an ingenious address; on which occasion Mr. Harris (father of the restored son) and a considerable number of gentlemen of Maryport were present, who at the conclusion of it testified the highest marks of approbation of the Doctor’s abilities and philanthropy.

In the reports of the Humane Society the particulars of this extraordinary instance of the resuscitation of Master Harris and the judicious address delivered by Dr. Dixon will be published.

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