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15 year old school girl saves man from drowning

Year 1948

Read by Frederica from Queen’s College – Supporter, Royal Humane Society

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Booth, Cicely, Miss, Schoolgirl, aged 15 years 10 months, Barmston, Bridlington, Yorkshire.

At Barmston, near Bridlington, Yorkshire.

At 3.30 p.m. on 1st September, 1948, a man aged 48 was paddling a canoe off the beach, some 200 to 300 yards out in deep water, swamped his canoe and took to the water. Miss Booth, who was swimming, saw his plight and swam towards him. When his canoe sank the man tried to swim towards Miss Booth, but owing to the wind and tide could make little headway. There was a strong offshore wind, ebbing tide, and slight swell at the time.

The man, after some efforts at swimming against the current, became exhausted, Miss Booth got hold of him, turned him on his back, and tried to tow him to the shore. In view of his weight and the prevailing conditions of sea and tide, however, she was unable to make progress, and for thirty minutes remained floating with the man, who became unconscious.

A boat was manned by two men and put off from the shore, but as it had no proper fittings the men rowed with their hands, so progress was slow. When the boat was about 10 yards away Miss Booth said she could not last out any longer, so one of the men went over the side and helped Miss Booth and the unconscious man rescued by her into the boat.

The second salvor was awarded the Testimonial on Vellum.

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