UK Bravery Award Organisations

Gives financial aid where a heroic act has brought misfortune to the rescuer or the rescuer’s family. Certificates of bravery are also awarded in all cases and, occasionally, medals.

Gives awards for bravery and life-saving in Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire and the Port of Liverpool.

Awards Life Saving Medals (Gold, Silver or Bronze) to those who’ve endangered their own lives with conspicuous bravery by saving, or attempting to save, someone else. About 12 awards have been given in the last 10 years.

Awards the Mountbatten Medal for saving or attempting to save life. Most awards are for swimming proficiency.

Makes 3 annual awards for skill and gallantry:

  • Edward & Maisie Lewis Award for an outstanding air/sea rescue;
  • Emile Robin Award for an outstanding rescue by a British Vessel;
  • The Lady Swaythling Trophy for an outstanding feat of seamanship.

Gives recognition to individuals who perform acts of bravery in rescuing others from fire.