PC Allan Parker

PC Allan Parker – Silver Medal and Police Medal

On the morning of 6 July 2018 PC Allan Parker was travelling on the A13 near Orsett, Essex to a training course in a private vehicle when he noticed a 16-year old boy sitting on the central reservation in the middle of the dual carriageway. He was slumped forward with his head in his hands and clearly distressed. Allan passed him in the fast lane and in his rearview mirror saw the boy step out into the fast lane in front of a car doing 70 mph, which swerved violently to miss him. Allan immediately stopped in the fast lane to create a barrier, got out of his car and approached the boy. He again tried to jump in front of a speeding car. Allan, the boy, and passing traffic were now in extreme danger, so the officer rugby tackled him as there was no time for talking. The boy fought hard and he and Allan were rolling in the fast lane in rush hour traffic. Motorists were swerving around them as Allan struggled to restrain the boy.

Eventually the youth began to tire, and Allan managed to detain him. The officer moved the boy to the verge leaving his own car in the fast lane for protection. Allan identified himself as a police officer and took him to nearby services.

For his quick thinking and extraordinary bravery that morning PC Allan Parker was awarded the Royal Humane Society’s Silver Medal. In late 2019 the Awards Committee awarded PC Allan Parker the Society’s Police Medal.