Royal Humane Society – Principal Awards in 2022

The Royal Humane Society’s Awards Committee meets in January, April, July and October each year to consider the 90-100 nominations that are received every quarter. The Awards Committee normally approves well over 250 awards from each meeting, and a selection of the top awards made so far are shown below.  

Stanhope Gold Medal

Lukasz Koczocik – the head porter at Fishmongers Hall showed extraordinary bravery when he confronted an armed terrorist who had already fatally wounded two others during an attack inside Fishmongers’ Hall, London.

Royal Humane Society – Principal Awards in 2021

Stanhope Gold Medal

Jamie Ingram – for his bravery in apprehending an armed terrorist in the streets of Sydney

Silver Medals


Bronze Medals

Dr Jonathan Herron (Jan 21) – for saving the life of a man who repeatedly ran into heavy traffic

Ewan Jasper Ward (Apr 21) – for saving the life of a man knifed during the Streatham terror attack

Testimonial on Vellum

January 2021

Tim Banbury – for saving a woman from drowning in a heavy sea

Allan Smith – for rescuing a small child swept out to sea on an inflatable toy

PS Laura Blamire – for rescuing an armed assailant who was being attacked by an angry crowd

Christopher Chavez-Cronin – for rescuing a man who became stuck on rocks in a fast flowing river

PS Paul Evans – as above

PCSO William Knight – as above

PC Joan Ollerenshaw – as above

PC Christen Clark – for saving an inebriated man who ran out into heavy dual carriageway traffic

PC name withheld – for rescuing a dangerously suicidal man from the River Thames

PC name withheld – as above

Jeffrey (Jeff) Davies – for rescuing 3 people from a house destroyed by a gas explosion

Stephen Lewis – as above

Cameron Nation – as above

Kevin O’Sullivan – as above

Leighton Williams – as above

Cadet LCpl Benjamin Duncalf (16) – for pulling a woman off live railway lines before an approaching train

Benjamin Hobden (16)– as above

Harvey Slater (17) – as above

Cadet Cpl Alfie Smith (16) – as above

Name withheld – for saving a am from drowning in the River Thames

James Watts – for rescuing a group of children who had been swept out to sea during Storm Ellen

April 2021

PC name withheld – for rescuing an elderly couple from a burning house destroyed by a gas explosion

Stephen Ellison – for saving a young woman who had fallen into a river in China

Radoslan Garasimpwicz – for jumping into a moving lorry on the motorway and bring it to a halt after the driver had collapsed

Richard Raeburn – as above

Marcus Hewlett – for saving two young children who had been swept out to sea on a riptide

Alexander Hill – as above

Kane Triggs – as above

PC name withheld – for rescuing a suicidal man from a live railway track 20 seconds before a train passed

PC name withheld – as above

Name withheld – as above

PS name withheld – for rescuing a distressed man from a rooftop

PC Tim Wildman – for preventing a man from setting himself alight with petrol and leaping off a motorway bridge

RHS Awards - Running Total 2021

20 Jan 2121 Apr 2114 Jul 2113 Oct 21Total in 2021Total in 2020
Stanhope Gold Medal001
In Memoriam Silver Medal00
Silver Medal001
Police Medal002
In Memoriam Bronze Medal000
Bronze Medal 1127
In Memoriam Testimonial on Vellum000
Testimonial on Vellum211245
Testimonial on Parchment4050136
Resuscitation Certificate89144374
Certificate of Commendation5475255
President’s Award001