Lloyd Bishop - Silver Medal

Lloyd Bishop – Silver Medal

On the evening of 22 Dec 2019 Lloyd Bishop was waiting on the platform at his railway station when he noticed a drunk man in a state of distress, so he went over to see if he could help. The man told Lloyd he was feeling suicidal and climbed down onto the live tracks. Lloyd leant over the platform edge and stretched out his hand in the hope that the man would grab it and pull himself back up onto the platform, however, he made no attempt to save himself. Lloyd was horrified to see that there was a high speed through train coming down the tracks to their platform and that the man’s life was in immediate and extreme danger.

Without any regard for his own safety, Lloyd jumped down onto the live tracks with the train fast approaching, grabbed hold of the man and pulled him towards the platform. He then lifted him up onto the platform where another man began to pull him away from the edge. Meanwhile Lloyd scrambled up onto the platform only one second away from being struck by the train. The whole incident was captured on the station CCTV.