Jamie Ingram RHS Stanhope Gold Medal

Jamie Ingram – Stanhope Gold Medal

The Stanhope Gold Medal for 2021 has been awarded to JAMIE INGRAM (47) who was nominated by the Royal Humane Society of New South Wales, Australia. He was put forward for his bravery in apprehending an armed terrorist in the streets of Sydney.

On 13 June 2019 an Islamist terrorist murdered a young woman in her apartment before emerging onto the street, spattered in blood and wielding a large kitchen knife. He was shouting “Allahu Akbar” and giving an ISIS salute. The streets were full of pedestrians and people were seated at outside cafes. He stabbed one bystander in the back and slashed indiscriminately at others as he began a terrifying, chaotic rampage down the street with pedestrians fleeing in terror. Jamie Ingram and a group of other men gave chase, yelling at everyone to take cover and challenging the attacker to drop his weapon. The man was tall and athletic and could easily have turned on his pursuers at any time. At one point the terrorist turned and faced them and shouted ‘I have a bomb’ before he continued running, slashing at pedestrians and drivers as they sat in their vehicles. He ran into another street towards people seated at outdoor cafes. By this stage Jamie, who was leading the chase, realised that the diners could not avoid being attacked and so he bravely closed in on the man and hit him from behind with a café chair. This knocked the terrorist to the ground causing him to momentarily drop the knife.

A struggle ensued in which the attacker tried to regain the knife and kill Jamie and four other pursuers who had arrived to help. Two men beat the terrorist with firefighting tools to try and subdue him, but he fought on. Another man shoved a plastic milk crate over the terrorist’s head, pinning him by the throat, while Jamie and one other pinned him with café chairs and stood on his limbs. During the 10 minutes it took the police to arrive Jamie was fully aware that they faced the added danger of death or serious injury should the alleged bomb detonate, and yet they courageously remained at their posts. The attacker was taken into custody suffering no ill effects from the beating he received and was later sentenced to 44 years imprisonment. At the attacker’s trial the judge commended Jamie Ingram and the others who gave chase and captured the terrorist. The judge remarked ‘…there was a grave risk posed by the offender and the persons who engaged in his pursuit were acting to protect the public without fear as to the consequences for themselves. The offender was captured by Mr Ingram and a courageous group of citizens who had come together so as to bring his violent, terrifying and chaotic rampage to an end.

Jamie Ingram was awarded the NSW Royal Humane Society’s Gold Medal and the Galleghan Award. The other 4 captors also received Gold Medals. Three other pursuers were awarded Silver and Bronze Medals respectively.

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