Georgia Laurie – Silver Medal

Georgia Laurie – Silver Medal

On 6 June 2021 twin sisters were on a boat tour in Mexico and their guide had taken them down a river just off a lagoon. They were told the river was safe and so they decided to have a swim. As
they were swimming, a crocodile came silently towards them and attacked Melissa Laurie, not far from the reed beds. She screamed and was then dragged under the water. When Georgia
Laurie called for her sister, there was no response, so she went back into the water to find her.

Georgia could see her sister’s body floating in the water and she feared the worst. She grabbed her
sister and pulled her towards her, resting her on her chest. Noticing that her lips were blue, Georgia tried to resuscitate her. She regained consciousness and started thrashing around as if she was
going into a fit or believed the crocodile still had hold of her. Georgia tried to calm her sister down, but the crocodile came back for another attack. Georgia fought it off with her fists and it swam
away. She then proceeded to move her sister (who was drifting in and out of consciousness), to an area that seemed safer to hide from the crocodile, and where she could attend to her injuries.

Unfortunately, the crocodile returned and again grabbed the injured woman by the leg, and it tried to death roll her, dragging her away. Once more Georgia punched the crocodile on its nose to
fight it off, but it grabbed her arm, injuring her in the process. She was forced to fight the crocodile off with her other fist, whilst trying to keep her sister afloat, alive and out of harm’s way. The
crocodile finally left and a friend of the twins, who had gone to get help, arrived with a boat and pulled them onboard.

They headed back towards civilisation, but Melissa was clearly in a very bad way. Georgia held her sister to her chest, putting pressure on her injuries, which included a large gash across her
stomach, while singing to her to keep her awake. Melissa was fighting to stay alive, throwing up blood and bile from her internal injuries, and biting into her sister’s shoulder to stay connected.

After more than 30 minutes they finally made landfall where a waiting ambulance took the twins to hospital. Both women survived the harrowing attack.