Duplicate Awards


There are two routes to producing a replacement / duplicate certificate.

a) To copy the details from an existing certificate (usually damaged). All we need is sight of the certificate (albeit it may be damaged). We can then advise if a duplicate certificate can be produced or if further information will be needed from our archived records.

b) If the original certificate to too badly damaged or no longer exists then it will be necessary to obtain the relevant information by searching the Society’s archives, and this information is then used to prepare the duplicate certificate.

Obtaining the information

Society’s Records

Our records (pre-2006) are no longer in our office having been gifted to the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA). The principal records recording details of rescues / resuscitations are the Case Books/Files. These documents contain a summary of the original papers, reports etc. that would have been provided to the Society to support the nomination. The Secretary’s job was (and still is) to write this summary and enter this in the Case Files. Sadly, the original papers have long since been destroyed so the Case Files are now the principal surviving official record of the rescue. These will contain details of the rescue (i.e. time, place, date), who was involved (i.e. names of the rescuers and those rescued), the name of the person who sent in the nomination, the type of award given and where, and to who, the award was sent.


a) Producing a duplicate certificate from an existing original certificate. Cost: £25 (inc UK postage)

b) Producing a duplicate certificate where the original details must be extracted from the Society’s archived records.

    i) Cost: £30 for RHS undertaking the research plus £25 for producing the certificate = £55.

    ii) If the applicant supplies the archive details from the LMA then the only cost is for the production of the certificate – ie £25 (inc UK postage)

    iii) If the applicant requests LMA to search the files and submit the information to the applicant – then LMA will charge a fee (see their website for details). Again, the cost for producing the certificate is £25 (inc UK postage).


Duplicate Medals can be provided. The medal will be mounted on a ribbon and supplied in a presentation case with the following details (name of rescuer, date of rescue, type of award) on the lid. A duplicate medal certificate will also be provided.


These will vary due to the price of the metal at the time of manufacture. Please contact the Society (info@royalhumanesociety.org.uk ) for further information.