Alex Jeanguillame - Bronze Medal

Cdt Sgt Alex Jeanguillaume – Bronze Medal

On the evening of 30 Aug 2019 Alex Jeanguillaume, aged 15, was with her friend in the park when they were threatened by a man with a knife. He ordered the teenagers to hand over their mobile phones. They refused to do so, and so the armed man deliberately moved towards the boy and threatened to attack him with the knife.

Alex, who was trained in ju-jitsu, realised her friend was in sudden danger. She quickly counter attacked, grabbing the man by his arm and shoulder and throwing him to the ground. She then grappled with him on the floor, even though he still held the knife in his hand. The man was shouting to her that if she let him go, he would run off and leave them, but Alex held on.

Eventually the attacker broke free and managed to escape, running off with the knife. The attempt on Alex and her friend was the third robbery in the park that day and the previous adults who had been threatened had all complied with the robber’s demands.

Cadet Sergeant Alex Jeanguillaume was formally recognised for her bravery by Otley Town Council.