Calvin Stein - Stanhope Gold Medal 2017

Calvin Stein – Stanhope Gold Medal

On 9 July 2016 Calvin was at the Tweed fair in Ontario, Canada, when a brace of pulling horses snapped their harness and broke free. The terrified horses galloped towards the car park straight at a man standing with his 2 small children. Calvin yelled a warning and desperately tried to intercept the stampeding horses. The father pulled the children away but the boy’s grip on his little sister’s hand slipped and she was left alone in the path of the on-coming horses. Calvin realised he could not reach the horses in time and so he changed direction and ran towards the 3 year old girl. He scooped her up and flung her out of the way a split second before the horses slammed into him. They drove over him, hitting his head and back, and the reins tangled around his feet. CALVIN was dragged across the gravel carpark until his extra weight on the reins forced the horses to slow down. Barely alive, Calvin had extreme difficulty in breathing, and was bleeding profusely with injuries to his head, spine, chest and lungs. The little girl was taken to hospital and treated for minor bruises. Calvin was hospitalised, and is still suffering from his injuries today.

Calvin STEIN was awarded the Carnegie Medal in February last year, and in November 2017 the Royal Humane Society bestowed upon him the Stanhope Gold Medal.