Officers of the Royal Humane Society (1774 to present)

HM King George II 1783 to 1820
HM King George IV 1820 to 1830
HM King William IV1830 to 1837
HM Queen Adelaide1830 to 1849
HM Queen Victoria1837 to 1901
HM King Edward VII1901 to 1910
HM King George V1910 to 1936
HM King Edward VIII1936
HM King George VI1937 to 1952
HM Queen Elizabeth II1952 to present
HRH Edward, Duke of Kent1810 to 1817
HRH William, Duke of Clarence1829 to 1830
HRH Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge1832 to 1850
HRH George, Duke of Cambridge1852 to 1902
HRH George, Duke of York1892 to 1898
HRH Arthur, Duke of Connaught1904 to 1940
Alderman Frederick Bull Lord Mayor of London1774
Alderman Frederick Bull1775 to 1782
The Earl of Stanford & Warrington1783 to 1819
The Duke of Northumberland1820 to 1847
The Duke of Norfolk1848 to 1855
The Duke of Wellington1856 to 1858
The Duke of Argyll1859 to 1897
HRH The Duke of York (George V)1898 to 1900
HRH The Prince of Wales (George V)1901 to 1909
No President1910 to 1918
HRH The Prince of Wales (Edward VIII)1919 to 1935
HRH The Duke of York (George VI)1936
HRH The Duke of Gloucester1937 to 1974
HRH Princess Alexandra1974 to present
Chairmen & Treasurers
Dr James Horsfall FRS1774 to 1780
Dr John Coakley Lettsom1781 to 1795
Dr William Hawes1796 to 1808
Dr John Coakley Lettsom1809 to 1815
Charles Barcley MP1816 to 1825
Mr Benjamin Hawes1826 to 1860
Mr Thomas Baker1861 to 1868
Mr William Hawes1869 to 1884
General Sir Lothian Nicholson KCB1885 to 1889
Captain A B Hawes1890 to 1895
Colonel Horace Montagu1896 to 1909
Admiral Sir George Digby Morant KCB1910 to 1920
Mr A Travers Hawes1921 to 1924
General Sir William Adair KCB1924 to 1926
Admiral C J Eyres DSO1927 to 1935
Admiral Sir Michael Hodges KCB CMG MVO1936 to 1944
Admiral Sir Percy Noble GBE KCB CVO1945 to 1946
Colonel The Rt Hon Sir Leslie Orme Wilson PC GCSI GCMG GCIE DSO1947 to 1950
Rear Admiral Sir Piers Kekewich CB1951 to 1965
Mr Roderick T Hawes CBE TD1966 to 1977
The Hon E L Baillieu1977 to 1990
Mr P W Bedford1991 to 2002
Mr Julian Spicer OBE2002 to 2009
Mr Richard Titley2009 to 2014
Mr John Grandy2014 to present
Mr John Bewley Rich1774 to 1776
Mr M M Robinson1776 to 1778
Dr William Hawes1778 to 1796
Dr John Beaumont MD1796 to 1814
Mr T J Pettigrew FLS1814 to 1820
Mr J Barber1820 to 1821
Dr John Martin MD1821 to 1825
Mr John Frost FRS FSA FLS1825 to 1830
Mr Berkley Westropp1830 to 1845
Mr Joseph Charlier1845 to 1859
Mr Lambton Young1859 to 1879
Captain I W Home1879 to 1897
Major F.A.C. Claughton1897 to 1934
Commander J N Benbow OBE RN1934 to 1941
Mr A Axson1941 to 1944
Commander J N Benbow OBE RN1944 to 1947
Colonel G W M Grover OBE RM1948 to 1962
Lieutenant Colonel R W C-Charlton MBE DL1962 to 1974
Mr J M Leadbitter OBE1974 to 1977
Major A J Dickinson1977 to 1995
Major General Christopher Tyler CB1995 to 2004
Major General David Pennefather CB OBE2004 to 2007
Lieutenant Colonel Adrian Gilbert MBE2007
Colonel Dick Wilkinson TD2007 to 2017
Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Chapman2017 to present