Royal Humane Society. Recognising Bravery.

Royal Humane Society

Instituted 1774 and Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1959

Patron:  Her Majesty the Queen

President:  HRH Princess Alexandra, the Hon Lady Ogilvy KG GCVO

Registered Charity Number 231469

50/51 Temple Chambers
3/7 Temple Avenue
London EC4Y 0HP
Telephone : 020 7936 2942
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Overseas Bravery Award Organisations

Royal Canadian Humane Association

Makes awards to people who put themselves at risk to save or attempt to save others.

Royal Canadian Humane Association

Royal Humane Society of Australasia

Awards medals and a Certificate of Merit to people who risk their lives to save, or attempt to save, others.

Also operates a Relief Fund to support those injured during a rescue, or the dependants of those whose actions earn the Posthumous Medal.

The Royal Humane Society of Australasia

Royal Humane Society of New South Wales

Grants medals and certificates for acts of bravery in saving or attempting to save human life

May make financial grants in cases resulting in hardship.

Royal Humane Society of New Zealand

Awards medals and certificates to people rescuing, or attempting to rescue, others at personal risk to themselves.

oyah Humane Society of New ZealandR

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