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Taking responsibility

Target Group

Key Stage 1


Daniel and Jason Rodd, aged 14 and 12, were enjoying a summer's day on the beach when they saw three people in difficulties in the sea. As adults around them looked on, the two boys sprang into action, using their bodyboards to rescue all three.

Daniel and Jason Rodd, Suffolk

A summer's day at the seaside nearly ended in tragedy when a family of three adults got into serious difficulties in the sea off Southwold, in Suffolk. Luckily for them two brave brothers, Daniel Rodd, aged 14, and Jason, aged 12, were on the beach and immediately swam out to rescue them with their bodyboards.

One of the adults had been taken ill about 30 metres from shore. She was having an asthma attack and could hardly breathe.


Her husband saw what was happening and went to help her. But because of a very strong current, he was unable to swim with her back to the beach.

The two of them were now in danger of drowning, so the third member of their party joined the rescue effort. But because of a sand-bar and the current, he, too, quickly got into trouble.

It was now that Daniel and Jason, both strong swimmers with the Ipswich Swimming Club, swung into action.

HRH Princess Alexandra congratulates Daniel and Jason Rodd."We asked our Mum if we could go to help," recalls Daniel. "She said no but we just did it anyway." "We had to go," the modest teenager continues, "because there were other people there, grown ups, and all they were doing was just watching." "We just raced and got our boards," continues Jason. "It was the right thing to do."

The boys headed straight for the two people in most trouble and, using their bodyboards, managed to tow them back to the beach and safety.

12-year old Jason then turned round and swam back out to sea to rescue the third person. By now, the man was nearly unconscious and felt he was drifting away.

Jason reached him in the nick of time. The man was just able to hold on to Jason's bodyboard, and the 12-year old steered him safely back to shore.

For their outstanding bravery in rescuing 3 adults, Daniel and Jason were awarded Testimonials on Vellum.

They were presented to them at a special ceremony in London in May 2006 by HRH Princess Alexandra.

Class discussion:

  • How did Daniel and Jason manage to rescue 3 adults?
  • What caused the adults to get into difficulties?
  • How can you tell whether it is safe to swim in the sea?


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