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Helping my family

Target Group

Key Stage 1


In this case study, a 5-year old girl alerts her mother to a house fire and makes sure that her sister is safe, too.

Rebecca PricaRebecca Prica, Leeds

Rebecca Prica is one of our youngest-ever award winners. She was just 5 years old when she won a Testimonial on Parchment for helping to save her 3-year old sister and her Mum from a fire in their home in Leeds.

One evening in the middle of February 2000, Becky was playing with a friend upstairs. They'd just had their tea and Mum was clearing up in the kitchen. It was the end of an ordinary kind of a day. Suddenly all that changed, as Becky recalls:

'I came down the stairs and went into the living-room and saw it was on fire,' she says. 'So I went and told Mum the house was on fire,' says Becky very matter-of-factly.

Becky's Mum, Michelle, remembers the moment well: 'At first I thought some paper had fallen into the gas-fire, but when I went into the room I saw flames leaping up from behind the armchair. I can't repeat what my next thought was!'

She quickly steered Becky and her friend out of the house. But while Mum was getting a bucket of water to put out the flames, Becky's thoughts turned to her younger sister, Georgette.

Georgette and Rebecca Prica. Courtesy Ross Parry Picture Agency, Leeds.'I ran upstairs to get my little sister,' she says, 'because she was fast asleep in bed.' Becky picked up Georgette and carried her to the top of the stairs where Michelle took hold of them and led them out of the house and to safety.

Becky's parents are naturally very proud of what she did. Her Dad, Nicholas, says: 'We were absolutely amazed that a child of five could do something like that so spontaneously.' 'Without Becky,' he says, 'her sister - and probably her Mum, too - wouldn't be alive today.'

As well as winning a Testimonial on Parchment from the Royal Humane Society, Becky also received a number of other bravery awards, including a letter of appreciation from the West Yorkshire Fire Service.

Becky admits to having been frightened at the time of the fire. 'Now,' she says, 'I feel proud that I was brave enough to get these awards.'

Class discussion:

  • How did Becky help her family?
  • Have you ever been able to help your family?
  • Do's and dont's in a fire
  • Making a fire plan: knowing all the ways out
  • What number would you ring for the fire service?
  • What should you be able to tell the fire service?


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